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Laser Root Canal Treatment in Caroline Springs

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What is Laser Root Canal Treatment?

Ever had a toothache? Then you know that it can ruin your day.

The worst thing about an infected tooth is that it often goes unnoticed until you experience severe pain and swelling in the gums or jaw. By this point, bacteria has already begun to spread throughout your mouth and infect other healthy teeth.

We recommend treating the decayed tooth endodontically with a traditional root canal treatment or laser-assisted root canal therapy to avoid unnecessary tooth extraction. Laser root canal treatment involves removing the damaged nerve using advanced laser technology and sealing the hollow chamber left behind. After the treatment, a crown is placed over your tooth to prevent wear to the weaker tooth structure that’s left.

Benefits of Using a Laser Root Canal vs. the Traditional Method

Conventional endodontic treatment is performed with manual files and physically cleans your tooth’s inside with a small tool. This treatment method tends to be more tedious and time-consuming.  Cutting-edge laser technology makes root canal treatment:

  • Faster:
    Laser heat reduces the time needed for dental procedures.

  • More effective:
    Unlike traditional methods, a dental laser procedure reaches all of the secondary and smaller nerve canals inside your tooth. This added benefit improves the success of your procedure and reduces the risk of failure. Powerful light technology irradiates each of the canals to destroy infectious bacteria where manual instruments can not reach. Lasers also prevent us from having to widen the canal of the tooth, which causes overall weakness.

  • Convenient:
    The dual laser energy makes it possible for you to heal faster. It also cleans and disinfects the tooth’s canal, so you won’t need as many follow-ups as you would with traditional treatments.

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FAQs about Laser Root Canal Treatment

Laser root canal treatment cost varies, depending on the severity of the infection, the number of canals that need to be filled, and if you will need a dental crown. Laser root canal treatment cost starts at $2,500.
Laser root canal treatments are generally more expensive than conventional root canal therapy. However, laser root canal treatments are more economical since they can be accomplished in fewer sessions.

Only your dentist can determine if you need root canal therapy. However, there are a few warning signs that you should watch out for:

  1. Persistent throbbing pain
  2. Tooth sensitivity
  3. Tooth discolouration
  4. Swollen gum
  5. Loose tooth
  6. Cracked or chipped tooth

Single Visit Treatment:

  1. We will use a local anaesthetic to numb your teeth or sedation to help you relax.
  2. Next, we will drill a hole into the tooth to reach the root canals, where treatment will take place.
  3. Then, we will clean out the infection in the root canals using laser-assisted therapy.
  4. We will clean and flush the root canals.
  5. We will then fill the root canals with a special root canal filling.
  6. Finally, we will place a temporary crown on your tooth, and you will be ready for the dental crown procedure.

Multiple-visit Treatment:

In some cases, the infection in the root canal cannot be treated in just one dental visit. It usually happens when the infection has progressed. Additional infection draining may be necessary:

  1. We will cover your tooth with a temporary cap to contain and drain out the infection.
  2. In most cases, we will prescribe antibiotics. If necessary, we will also give you instructions on how to manage pain.
  3. Throughout the procedure, our dentists and staff will monitor and check on you regularly.
  4. We will then perform root canal treatment at our dental clinic to remove the infection from the root canals.
  5. We will then fill the root canals with a special root canal filling.
  6. Finally, we will place a temporary crown on your tooth, and you will be ready for the dental crown procedure.

Once your single or multiple-visit laser treatment is completed, it will be time for a dental crown treatment:

  1. We will use dental resin to sculpt a tooth in the place where your dental crown will be placed.
  2. We will cast the tooth and surrounding teeth into a mould or impression.
  3. We will then process the impression in-house at our dental clinic, and your new crown will be created.
  4. Finally, your new dental crown will be cemented into place.
Laser root canal therapy is a comfortable procedure. However, even though endodontic therapy is a routine procedure, it’s not uncommon for some people to feel hesitant about having it done. We will use a local anaesthetic to numb your teeth. To help you relax, we offer sedation options on top of our gentle laser-assisted root canal therapy. Choose from light happy gas, moderate oral conscious sedation, IV sedation or general anaesthesia.
A laser root canal procedure takes about 30 minutes.