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Pain Free Needle Injections with The Wand®

At Magical Smiles, we’re pleased to announce that we are offering The Wand to deliver local anaesthesia comfortably. With this ground-breaking system, you won’t have to deal with dental anxiety or that dreaded syringe. Instead, say hello to a comfortable dental procedure.

What is The Wand - Needle-Free Injections

For many people, dental phobia is a serious issue. Patients are mainly discouraged from visiting their dentists because of fear of pain. It can keep them from getting the dental treatment and care they need and deserve.

Patients’ attitudes toward local anaesthesia and dentists are influenced by various fears related to previous clinical experiences. Patients often fear dental injections because they are painful. Local anaesthesia and pain control are, however, among the most important aspects of dentistry.

At Magical Smiles, we are pleased to announce that we offer The Wand to deliver local anaesthesia comfortably. The Wand is a revolutionary device in painless dentistry. It makes dental procedures more pleasant for patients of all ages. With this ground-breaking system, you will not have to deal with dental anxiety or that dreaded painful injection. Instead, say hello to a comfortable dental procedure. The Wand is considered a gentle, painless injection system created to replace traditional needle use in dentistry.

How does The Wand Work?

The Wand is a state-of-the-art computer-controlled dental injection device. It is essentially a platform for local anaesthesia. The Wand allows dentists to numb an area more precisely and minimise pain from injections utilising computer-assisted anaesthesia. If the flow of anaesthesia into the gums is too fast when the patient receives an injection, they may experience stinging pain. 

A computer controls the flow of local anaesthetic through The Wand, allowing dentists to deliver a slow release injection. It guarantees a steady injection and a comfortable experience for you. The Wand dispenses anaesthesia at a slow and low-pressure rate; thus, dentists can regulate the dosage to target specific areas that need to be addressed.

The Wand also has a Single Tooth Anaesthesia, or STA, function. It is a process that allows the individual tooth to be numbed while reducing any numbness in the surrounding area, like the patient’s tongue, cheeks, and lips. It minimises the numbness and pain from injections and helps nervous patients feel more comfortable during dental procedures.

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The Benefits of The Wand

Compared to the old-fashioned syringe, The Wand has many advantages. With The Wand, you may not even be aware you have been given an injection. And because no numbness occurs, you can enjoy a more pleasant dental experience. After your procedure, you can return to your day. Following is a short list of advantages you can experience when you use The Wand:

  1. Greater comfort:
    The Wand is much more comfortable than traditional injections. Even in potentially tricky areas like the palate, the precise flow rate and pressure control ensures a comfortable injection and eliminates collateral numbness. Another cool feature of the Wand is its pressure feedback. Conventional injection techniques can lead dentists to press harder when they encounter resistance, which causes pain during injections. The Wand, however, uses a computerised injection technique that slows down when it encounters resistance to ensure a pain-free injection.

  2. Less anxiety:
    The Wand looks more like a pen than a traditional syringe, thus making it less threatening for anxious patients. Its friendly design will make patients feel safer. It can significantly decrease the degree of anxiety for anxious patients, especially children or people who fear the dreaded syringe.

  3. More efficient visits:
    The Wand makes it possible for patients to have faster treatment time. Single Tooth Anaesthesia (STA) allows bi-lateral mandibular treatments in just one dental appointment, which means they can go back to work immediately after their appointments without experiencing any residual numbness on the face.

  4. Improved patient satisfaction:
    The Wand is pain-free dentistry that dental patients are more satisfied with than a traditional syringe. They also overwhelmingly opt for this injection device over needles, which give them a more positive experience.

At Magical Smiles, it is always our goal to ensure your visits are as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Thanks to modern solutions like The Wand, you no longer have to be anxious about getting an injection.