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Laser Gum Lift In Melbourne

Get the perfect smile with our laser gum lift treatment.

The health of your gums is one of the most important characteristics of having a beautiful smile. Because many people have excessive gum tissue above their teeth, it can cause a gummy smile, which is not particularly appealing.

You may notice that your smile is less attractive if you have a lot of gum tissue around your teeth. It may even conceal the natural beauty of your teeth. Overly thick gum tissue can interfere with eating, speaking, chewing, and maintaining good dental hygiene.

Our laser gum lift treatments at Magical Smiles can help you show off your gorgeous smile more often by removing any extra gum tissue. Reshaping your gum line can give you a more symmetrical and attractive smile. Consider a laser gum lift if you wish to improve the appearance of your teeth while you smile or speak. Unlike typical surgical gum lifts, it is less expensive, more convenient, and requires less time for recovery.

What are the benefits of laser gum lift

If you’re self-conscious about your gummy smile, a laser gum lift procedure can help. It enhances your appearance and may also improve your oral health if you have gum disease.

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Why Choose Magical Smiles For Laser Gum Lift In Melbourne

Have you ever felt dissatisfied with the appearance of your gums and teeth?

The use of a laser to lift your gums is a modern method to improve their appearance. Therefore, with this technique, we can provide you with a high-quality dental service that is convenient and effective. We’ve improved numerous dental procedures using the Fotona LightWalker Laser, including laser gum lift treatments.

Our goal at Magical Smiles is to offer you the highest dental care possible. You may have the radiant smile you’ve always desired in just one visit with our cutting-edge laser technology. For your convenience, we have Saturday appointments available, so you may get the dental treatment you need without having to miss work. Additionally, our team is committed to providing excellent dental care at every stage of the process.

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FAQs About Laser Gum Lift

The laser gum lift treatment involves heating the mouth’s gum tissue and contracting it at the same time. Additionally, the procedure promotes the production of newly formed collagen in the area, making the gums that surround your teeth look tighter and lifted. You will achieve a natural-looking, bright smile without invasive dental procedures.
There is no pain associated with a laser gum lift. It is carried out under local anesthesia to make the procedure more comfortable. Consequently, you will not experience any discomfort as your dentist performs the procedure.
Healing time is faster with a laser gum lift than with traditional gum contouring. A person’s body will heal at a different pace, which will impact the length of time it takes for the gums to heal. Some individuals may recover quickly, and others may take two weeks. Generally, the complete recovery process can take between 7 and 10 days.
It is important to understand that laser gum lifts are permanent procedures. The extra gum tissue that is removed to make your gum line look better won’t grow back, so you can expect long-term results.

An anaesthetic will be applied to the gums first before the excess gum tissue will be trimmed gently with a high-powered laser to minimize discomfort. Your dentist will contour your gums and expose more of your teeth to achieve a more balanced gum-to-tooth ratio.

The treatment can be performed with an incredible degree of precision through laser technology. As a result, this reduces the likelihood of excessive bleeding or infection.

The procedure is usually completed in approximately one hour, and most patients can go back to their daily routine on the same day.

There is no set price for a laser gum lift procedure since the price varies depending on the condition of the gums and the process needed to complete the treatment. On average, the cost ranges between $200 and $300 per tooth.

The traditional gum lift procedure is a suitable alternative to laser gum lift surgery. This procedure involves surgically removing the excess gum tissue around the teeth.

Crown lengthening is another alternative treatment that may be considered. It is an oral surgery procedure used to lengthen the appearance of the upper teeth by removing excess gum tissue and perhaps a small amount of bone.