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How Long Do Effects Of Invisalign Last?

Invisalign is a tooth-straightening orthodontic treatment that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is an excellent alternative to metal braces because it is less visible and more comfortable. But how long do the effects of Invisalign last? In this blog post, Magical Smiles will answer that question and give you some tips on how to maintain your beautiful smile!

How Long Do The Effects Of Invisalign Treatment Last?

Invisalign is a form of clear aligner trays that are virtually invisible. They are a popular orthodontic treatment option for patients looking to achieve straight teeth without the need for traditional metal braces. Adult patients also benefit from the lack of metal wires and brackets. One of the main questions people ask about Invisalign is how long the results last.

 It’s important to remember that each patient’s teeth are different. And as such, the results of Invisalign will vary from person to person. Generally speaking, though, the results of Invisalign can last anywhere from a few months to a few years. There are several factors that affect how long the results of Invisalign will last. These include:

  • How Well You Follow InstructionsGenerally, the effects of Invisalign treatment last for as long as you wear your aligners. That said, it’s important to remember that your teeth may start to shift to their original position if you don’t wear your aligners as prescribed by your orthodontist. That is why it is important to follow your custom treatment plan and to wear your aligner trays for at least 20-22 hours per day.
  • Your Oral Health Habits – Another factor that can affect the longevity of Invisalign results is your oral hygiene habits. Food particles can easily get stuck in your aligner trays and lead to various dental issues. Brushing and flossing properly, avoiding sugary and acidic foods, and scheduling frequent dentist visits will help to keep your teeth healthy and strong. This, in turn, will help to prolong the results of your Invisalign treatment.
  • How Severe Your Dental Problems Were – Another factor to consider is how severe your dental concerns were before starting Invisalign treatment. If you have severely misaligned or crooked teeth or complex bite conditions, it’s likely that the results of your treatment will not last as long as someone with only minor crowding or spacing issues.

Assuming you have no major dental problems and take good care of your teeth, the results of Invisalign should last for many years. But keep in mind that even if your teeth don’t shift back out of alignment, you will still need to wear a retainer at night to prevent them from shifting.

If you have any questions about how long the effects of Invisalign will last, be sure to ask your orthodontist. They can give you specific information based on your individual case and answer any questions you have to help you make the right decision for your smile.

How Can I Ensure My Results Last As Long As Possible?

Once your treatment is over, and you’ve finally achieved your dream smile, you’ll want to make it last. We share some tips to help keep your Invisalign results looking great for years to come:

  • Wear your retainers – This is probably the most important thing you can do to maintain your Invisalign results. As your teeth are still settling into their new positions, and they can shift back. That’s why it’s important to wear your retainers as directed by your orthodontist.
  • Be careful with what you eat – You may have been able to get away with eating whatever you wanted while you were wearing Invisalign, but now that your treatment is over, there are some food restrictions you should be aware of. Avoid sticky or crunchy foods that can damage your teeth, and be mindful of sugary drinks like soda that can lead to cavities. If you do consume these things, remember to brush them afterwards.
  • Practise good oral hygiene – This is important no matter what, but it’s especially crucial if you want to keep your Invisalign results looking great. Be sure to Brush twice a day and floss regularly. 
  • Visit your dentist regularly – Getting your teeth cleaned and checked on a regular basis is key to maintaining good oral health. Schedule a dental visit every six months for a cleaning and checkup. It’s also important to attend all of your scheduled dental appointments. These appointments are important for verifying that your treatment plan is on track.
  • Wear a mouthguard – If you play sports or participate in any other activities where there is a risk of impact to the mouth, remember to wear a mouthguard. This will help protect your teeth from damage and keep your Invisalign results looking great. 
  • Don’t smoke – Smoking is bad for your overall health, and it can also discolour your teeth and lead to gum disease. If you want to maintain your Invisalign results, we recommend quitting smoking.
  • Use Invisalign aftercare products – There are a variety of Invisalign aftercare products available that can help maintain the results of your treatment. Remember to use them as directed.

If you follow these simple tips, you can be confident that you will enjoy the effects of your treatment for many years to come!


Can Teeth Shift Even When Wearing Retainers?

Wearing your retainer as directed is an effective way to keep your teeth from shifting, but it’s possible for them to shift in position over time, even when you’re wearing it. Retainers help keep teeth in their correct position after your orthodontic treatment, but they’re not 100% effective. That’s why it’s important to visit your dentist and to wear your retainer as directed. If you notice that your teeth are starting to move, contact your dentist so they can make any necessary adjustments to your retainer.

Final Thoughts

The effects of Invisalign can last for many years as long as you wear your retainers. Remember to visit your orthodontist regularly for checkups and maintain a good oral hygiene routine. If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with Magical Smiles. Contact our clinic today or book an appointment online!

Frequently Asked Questions

The length of Invisalign treatment varies from person to person, but it typically takes about 12-18 months.

Invisalign treatment is generally very comfortable. Some patients experience discomfort when the aligners are first put in as the teeth begin to adjust, but this is normal and should go away within a few days.

This varies from patient to patient. Generally, you will start to see results within a few weeks of starting Invisalign treatment. However, it can take up to a year to see the full effects.

Invisalign treatment is suitable for people of all ages. However, it is more suitable for people who have mild to moderate conditions. Invisalign is not recommended for patients with severe dental issues. If you are considering Invisalign treatment, we recommend that you speak to your dentist or orthodontist to see if it is the right option for you.

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