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Laser Root Canal In Melbourne

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Laser root canal treatment can save your teeth from extraction.

Do you suffer from toothaches? Then you are aware that it has the potential to disrupt your day.

When you have an infected tooth, the worst part is that it typically stays undiagnosed until you start experiencing extreme pain and swelling in your gums or jaw area. During this time, the bacteria in your mouth has already infected other healthy teeth.

Laser-assisted root canal therapy can save the decaying tooth and avoid extraction. Laser root canal therapy involves using modern laser technology to remove the infected nerve and then fill and close the left space. Immediately following treatment, a crown is affixed to your tooth to protect the remaining tooth structure.

Benefits Of Using A Laser Root Canal Vs. The Traditional Method

Traditional endodontic therapy uses manual files and a little tool to clean the inside of your tooth manually. It is a more time-consuming and labour-intensive procedure. An efficient method to perform root canal therapy is now made possible by using laser technology.

  • Faster: Lasers can reduce the amount of time required to perform dental procedures.

  • More effective: The use of a dental laser, as opposed to traditional procedures, allows the dentist to reach all of the secondary and smaller nerve canals within the tooth. Higher success rates and a lower risk of failure are two advantages of this procedure.

    Using powerful laser technology, each canal is treated to eliminate bacteria that hand devices cannot reach. Lasers also avoid the need to enlarge the canal of the tooth, which worsens the overall strength of the tooth.

  • Convenient: Patients benefit from dual laser energy because it can heal more quickly. As a bonus, it also cleans and disinfects the root canal, reducing the need for as many follow-up appointments as you would have with conventional treatments.

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FAQs about Laser Root Canal Treatment

Several factors affect the cost of laser root canal treatment, including the severity of the infection, the number of canals that need to be filled, and whether you will also need a dental crown. An average laser root canal treatment costs between $550 and $1,500.
Laser root canal treatments are typically more expensive than traditional root canal therapy. On the other hand, laser root canal treatments are more cost-effective since they may be completed in fewer visits.

Your dentist is the only person who can tell you whether or not you require root canal therapy. Nevertheless, there are a few things to watch for:

  1. A constant throbbing pain
  2. Dental sensitivity
  3. Teeth discolouration
  4. Gum swelling
  5. Teeth are loose
  6. Broken or chipped teeth

Single Visit Treatment:

  1. For your comfort, we may administer local anaesthetics or sedatives.
  2. To remove the unhealthy tissue, your dentist will use a laser to cut a hole in your tooth and remove the decay.
  3. Next, your dentist will thoroughly clean and disinfect the root canals.
  4. We also use the laser to sculpt the dentinal walls of the canal, after which the canals will be filled with a special material.
  5. We will place a temporary crown while the permanent crown is being made. You will need another dental appointment for the crown fitting.

Multiple-visit Treatment:

Root canal infections cannot always be treated in a single dental appointment. It typically occurs when the infection has advanced to a more severe stage, and more infection drainage will be required:

  1. In order to control and drain the infection, we’ll put a temporary cap on your tooth.
  2. It is very common for us to prescribe antibiotic medication in these situations. In addition, if it’s necessary, we’ll give you advice on how to deal with any discomfort you might be feeling.
  3. Our team keeps an eye on you throughout the process and checks in on you consistently.
  4. The infection in the root canals will be removed using laser root canal therapy.
  5. The root canals will be filled with a special filling.
  6. The temporary crown will then be put on your tooth, and you will be ready to start the process of getting a permanent dental crown.

As soon as your laser treatment is over, you’ll be ready for a dental crown procedure:

  1. For your dental crown, we’ll use dental resin to construct a new tooth.
  2. We will make a mould or impression of the tooth and the surrounding teeth.
  3. The impression will then be processed in-house to create a new crown to seal the tooth.
  4. Lastly, your new crown will be bonded to your teeth using dental cement.

Laser root canal treatment is a painless method that involves a short recovery time. Even though endodontic therapy is a standard procedure, some people are still anxious about doing it.

We provide sedative solutions for your comfort throughout the laser root canal treatment. Laughing gas, oral sedation, IV sedation, and general anaesthesia are all options for your procedure.

The laser root canal procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.