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Denture Repair and Reline in Caroline Springs

Our dental team at Magical Smiles provides denture relines to guarantee a secure and comfortable fit because dentures must fit closely to your gums.

What Are Denture Repair and Denture Reline?

If your top denture has poor suction or is not fitting properly, food gets stuck under your lower denture, or if you are having discomfort from wearing them, you may require a repair or reline to improve retention and stability.

A denture repair is required when the denture has been damaged. Common reasons why relining is performed by dental professionals are the following:

Our dental team at Magical Smiles provides denture relines to guarantee a secure and comfortable fit because dentures must fit closely to your gums.

The Benefits of Repairing or Relining Your Denture

A denture reline is a cost-effective and practical way to maintain optimal comfort and function over time. A denture reline will not change the appearance of your dentures, but it will make them feel and function like new.

Better fit and avoid infection.

The key reason for denture relining is to achieve optimal fit. A denture that slips and moves will make it difficult to speak and chew. A well-fitted denture should not cause discomfort. Having a denture properly fitted will allow you to have the best experience possible. It also helps to keep the dental ridges healthy by preventing irritation and soreness that may lead to infection.

Preventing further damage and breakage

Improperly fitted dentures may slide in the mouth. Dentures are made to distribute pressure evenly across the entire surface of the denture plate. In fact, a moving denture might break because it puts stress on certain areas. Even if the denture does not break, the frequent flexing will cause complications. Fractures or chips in the dentures should be repaired as soon as possible.

Maintain good oral health

Dentures that are too loose cause gaps between the denture material and the mouth tissue. Food particles may be lodged in these spaces. The trapped food may start to decay in the mouth, causing poor breath and possibly infections. A well-fitting denture will keep food from becoming stuck behind the dentures and causing additional problems.

Improve comfortability

Poor fitting of your dentures may impact the way you talk because of the sudden movement or sliding. Denture repair provides a solution to this problem and helps you enjoy food without difficulty chewing.

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Why Choose Magical Smiles to Repair and Reline Your Dentures in Caroline Springs?

Magical Smiles thoroughly examines dentures to ensure their durability. Our team does the required repairs to help restore its aesthetics, function, and comfortable fit.

Our goal is to provide the best treatment experience and give solutions to your problems. We understand how difficult it is to have poor-fitting dentures. We have experience in performing denture repair and reline to provide a precise fit.

Moreover, our team carefully assesses factors that influence the fit of your dentures. If you observe an improper fit of your dentures, contact us or book an online appointment.

FAQs About Dentures

Dentures are built of durable materials. The average lifespan of traditional dentures is between five and ten years if properly cared for and properly fitted. If you’ve been wearing the same set of dentures for more than ten years, have them checked by your dentist to ensure they’re still functioning properly.

We often recommend denture repair or reline for the following cases:

  • Poor-fitting
  • Infection
  • Weight gain
  • A tooth or teeth that has become worn out.
  • Tooth extraction
  • Bone loss
  • Changes in the gum shape.Ageing
  • and condition of the dentures (brittleness).
  • Water retention
  • Jaw bone absorption.

There are two types of denture relining, namely, soft denture reline and hard denture reline. Both have different materials and procedure steps.

When you have a denture repair or reline, the dentist will first evaluate your dentures and your mouth. They will repair any visible damage to prevent further breakage and will offer recommendations to address any oral health concerns they find.

First, you will be instructed to keep your denture out of your mouth for at least 48 hours to allow for tissue recovery and to minimise irritation brought by a poor fit of your denture.

  • Preparation of the worn or damaged denture. Any undercuts in the denture base are removed. The dentist will check the peripheral extensions and may perform a reduction if necessary.
  • The old resin material for dentures is properly cleaned and roughened.
  • Border moulding
  • Palatal surface venting
  • Then the dentist will take impressions.
  • The denture is cured in a pressure curing chamber after it has been filled with a new acrylic resin material.
  • After that, finishing and polishing is performed.

When both the upper and lower dentures require relining, the lower denture should be finished first. The upper denture can be relined in conjunction with a stable lower denture.

To perfect the occlusion, the denture should be clinically remounted.

A denture reline can cost anywhere from $300 to $600, depending on the materials used and the style of denture you have. In contrast, denture repairs may cost $100. Please call our clinic or come in for an appointment for a more precise quote. Before we begin, we can go over affordable price options with you.