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Take Home Teeth Whitening in Caroline Springs

Take-home teeth whitening is a less invasive dental treatment that removes stains from teeth and lightens the colour of natural enamel, resulting in whiter and brighter teeth.

What Is Take-Home Teeth Whitening?

Your teeth can have stains or experience tooth discolouration for various reasons, such as your lifestyle and the food you consume. Using tobacco products and smoking, and certain dark pigmented foods can leave stubborn stains on your tooth enamel or the tooth’s surface.

Brown or yellowish teeth can be a source of concern, having a significant impact on your self-confidence. Advanced technology improves different methods in removing tooth stains. Take-home teeth whitening is a less invasive dental treatment that removes stains from teeth and lightens the colour of natural enamel, resulting in whiter and brighter teeth.

For take-home whitening, we build customised fitted whitening trays using impressions of your teeth. The bleaching material is inserted into your whitening trays as directed by the dentist. We recommend wearing these trays for two weeks (may still vary) and either during the day or at night, depending on the bleaching technique provided.

Benefits of In-Chair Teeth Whitening

Take-home teeth whitening provides various benefits aside from improving your beautiful smile. Receiving professional teeth whitening guarantees a reliable result without harming your teeth and oral health. Whiter teeth give you more confidence to smile! 


Improve your confidence

Your self-esteem will improve as a result of teeth whitening. Whether you’re at work, on a date, delivering a speech, or simply walking down the street, a smile with white, dazzling teeth is hard to overlook! Whiter teeth also show people that you have good oral hygiene habits and are concerned about your appearance.


Enhance your appearance

Having white teeth looks clean and enhances your overall look. You won’t have to edit your photos. With take-home whitening, you can now achieve your dream of a shiny smile.


Convenient procedure

Take-home kits can save you time while providing the convenience of treatment at home. The trays are designed with your comfort in mind so that you can go about your everyday routine as usual.


It's affordable

Take-home kits may be great if you want to find a balance between professional in-chair whitening from a dentist and the affordability of over-the-counter alternatives. Most importantly, the trays provided by your dentist are reusable and unique. This means less money spent on repeated whitening procedures on your time and accurate whitening trays.

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Why Choose Magical Smiles for Take-Home Teeth Whitening in Caroline Springs?

To help you feel more confident and youthful, Magical Smiles provides you with a range of safe and efficient dental services, such as take-home teeth whitening.

We look at different aspects and gather the necessary records of your oral health to determine a suitable whitening treatment plan for you.

We carefully take your dental impressions, which we’ll use to create your unique whitening trays. Then, you will fill the tray with whitening gel at home and wear it for the recommended time. We can identify the appropriate concentration of the whitening solution based on your needs, determining how long it will remain on your teeth.

At Magical Smiles, we provide a teeth whitening kit that you can use at home to achieve excellent results. You only need to schedule a 30-minute visit during which we will take dental impressions and deliver them to the lab. After a few days, you can pick up your whitening trays and begin the treatment at home.

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Take Home Teeth Whitening FAQs

If you have a dull, yellow smile due to the foods and drinks, you consume or simply the natural effects of ageing, you may be a good candidate for professional take-home teeth whitening. Please keep in mind that teeth whitening only works on natural teeth.

Some people may not benefit from take-home teeth whitening. Some stubborn stains can’t be removed using the whitening gel. Discolouration from previous restorative treatments, like a root canal, may not respond well to whitening treatments since the discolouration came from the inside of the tooth (not from the outer enamel). New dental crowns and veneers are an alternative solution for teeth that cannot be whitened with bleach.

Many people who use teeth whitening products have few or no adverse effects and are happy with the results. Unfortunately, some individuals may have one or more of the following side effects as a result of tooth whitening:

  • It takes discipline to use take-home whitening every day at home. If you miss some days, it may delay the process, but you can still get a result. 

    The take-home whitening kit is less sensitive than the in-chair teeth whitening. The take-home kit, for example, requires a lot of commitment, but the result may still be quite good. It takes three to eight hours per day for several weeks to see the effects. So, if you have a busy schedule, this may not be for you.

    In contrast, the in-chair whitening treatment involves applying gel to your teeth, employing blue LED light, and sitting for 60 minutes to achieve a decent result. With the take-home kit, you will receive the same outcome in two to four weeks! To achieve the desired outcome quickly, we apply a higher concentration of bleaching gel than the take-home kit. So, if you’re busy and can handle the sensitivity, professional in-chair treatment can be a good alternative for you. 

Take-home teeth whitening is a quick and easy way to improve your smile in the long run. You can talk to us during your regular dental checkup or oral hygiene appointment if you’re considering teeth whitening.

Two types of stains can cause yellowed or grey teeth: extrinsic stains and intrinsic stains. Surface or extrinsic stains are those that are visible on the surface of your teeth. Intrinsic stains are located beneath the enamel and deep within the dentin of your teeth. A few over-the-counter products, including whitening toothpaste, can help to eliminate some extrinsic stains. However, only professional whitening solutions from your dentist can remove deep intrinsic stains.

Take-home whitening contains a bleaching agent to brighten and whiten your teeth. Typically, the active solution is either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. This bleach eliminates stains from the surface of your teeth and penetrates the tooth enamel to break down discoloured particles and remove stains from your teeth. By removing stains from both the inside and outside of your teeth, you can keep your teeth whiter and brighter for much longer.

If you observe persistent side effects during your whitening treatment, such as gum inflammation, thinning of your enamel, or uneven whitening, call a dental professional right away.