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In Chair Teeth Whitening in Caroline Springs

This procedure can eliminate stains and discolourations on teeth and can be done in no more than one hour! So it can be a great way to get the fresh, white smile that you deserve.

What Is In-Chair Teeth Whitening?

Stains on your teeth can affect the way you smile, and facing this issue may affect your confidence. Yellowish teeth may somehow change your appearance and make your teeth unattractive. Thus, tooth discolouration has been a common source of concern in Australia.

No wonder why many people are looking for a solution to lighten their teeth. One of the standard cosmetic dentistry procedures today is in-chair teeth whitening.

In-chair teeth whitening is a less invasive procedure that involves the application of a high-concentration bleaching solution (hydrogen peroxide) to the teeth. The solution is then activated with a UV light, often known as “laser whitening.”

This procedure can eliminate stains and discolourations on teeth and can be done in no more than one hour! So it can be a great way to get the fresh, white smile that you deserve.

The safest way to whiten teeth is to do it under the supervision of a professional dentist. Magical Smiles offers professional teeth whitening in Caroline Springs.

Benefits of In-Chair Teeth Whitening

It’s no surprise that having whiter teeth offers several advantages, the most obvious of which is a brighter, more beautiful smile. Stains or tooth discolouration tend to dull your smile, but the brightness and missing part of your confidence can be restored with teeth whitening! 


Professional assessment

It’s important to know whether the teeth whitening procedure is suitable for you. In-chair whitening involves dental check-ups to see the condition of your teeth and determine which treatment plan will work best for you. We ensure your safety in our clinic by performing the necessary measures to avoid complications.

Dentists are only equipped to examine your teeth and propose the best whitening treatment for you. In some instances, a simple, clean and scale may be required. 


Fast whitening

Professional tooth whitening can whiten your teeth in as little as an hour. There is no need for a series of sessions, as other methods do, and the dentist will provide home management or proper dental hygiene aid for a more long-lasting result.

Better oral health

Whiter, brighter teeth may strengthen your tooth surface and promote healthy gums. Make sure to practise oral hygiene habits for a better outcome and dental health. In some cases, teeth become yellowish and dull for various reasons, including our food or drink consumption and lifestyle. Following your dentist’s recommendations can avoid such issues.

Consistent and thorough whitening

Since we tailor whitening treatments based on your needs and teeth condition, the results are often consistent. We always aim to match the shade of whiteness to your appearance, which gives a natural-looking appearance.

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Why Choose Magical Smiles for In-Office Teeth Whitening in Caroline Springs?

Teeth that are whiter and brighter can make you look younger, great for a special occasion or improve the aesthetics of your smile.

We’ve got the solution! Magical Smiles offers one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments; teeth whitening is a quick, less invasive, and affordable way to improve your smile.

Our Magical clinics have been providing teeth whitening in Caroline Springs and nearby areas. Our friendly dental team’s goal is to provide a gentle whitening treatment. With advanced technology, we have upgraded our tools to ensure your safety and the effectiveness of our in-chair teeth whitening procedure.

If you’re considering professional teeth whitening, we’d love to work with you! Call us at (03) 8386 7004 today!

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In Chair Teeth Whitening FAQs

For those who seek immediate results, in-chair teeth whitening is an excellent option. It is ideal for individuals who have surface stains (stains on tooth enamel) or extrinsic stains. This type of discolouration is often yellow or brown and is caused by smoking or dark beverages like coffee, cola, tea, and alcohol. Certain foods, such as curry, balsamic vinegar, and tomato-based sauces, can also cause stains.

In-chair teeth whitening offers a variety of advantages. Not only will you get your teeth whitened by a dentist, but you can rest assured that this whitening procedure is worth it. Many professionals consider ZOOM Teeth Whitening to be one of the best teeth whitening options available.

Just like other dental procedures, ZOOM teeth whitening has side effects, such as:

The professional whitening process is considered safe and effective, particularly with the supervision of a dentist. These side effects should not last more than a few days if the pain and sensitivity persist. Call your dentist right away.

Traditional braces shouldn’t adversely affect the appearance of your teeth. But, it doesn’t also guarantee that your teeth will not stain if you have braces.

Depending on the type of braces you wear, you may be a candidate for whitening strips, whitening gels, or in-office dental procedures. If you have traditional braces, it’s usually best to whiten your teeth after they’ve been removed for the best results. As whitening solutions may be ineffective when brightening teeth under brackets, they may also have an uneven whitening effect.

It’s advisable to discuss your individual needs and goals with your dentist, as there may be more appropriate alternatives for your case to get a brighter smile.

Your dentist will determine if teeth whitening is a good treatment option for you.

You may not be a good candidate for tooth whitening if you have:

If you smoke and intend to continue after treatment, your dentist may hesitate to perform teeth whitening procedures. Smoking promotes tooth discoloration, and your new smile may fade immediately.

Professional whitening is safe and effective when performed under the supervision of a dentist. It is essential to have regular visits to see a dentist to maintain long-lasting, safe results.

Follow your dentist’s approved home care tips and contact your dentist if you observe signs of failure or persistent side effects.

The professional teeth whitening process makes your smile look brilliant and stain-free, but it won’t stay that way for long if you continue to practise bad habits. An aftercare routine is an excellent idea to follow whitening treatment.

For 48 hours after treatment, your teeth are much more prone to tooth decay and staining. So, it’s essential to:

  • Avoid abrasive and coloured toothpaste.

    After 48 hours, you can consume dark foods, but we still recommend limiting the consumption. If you eat dark pigmented food or drink, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth immediately to wash away particles.

Inside the dentist’s office, in-chair teeth whitening is conducted. As a result, it may be more costly than over-the-counter whitening solutions and DIY whitening kits. In Victoria, Australia, the average cost is $70.85 per tooth and may vary depending on several factors. including the consultation fee, diagnostic model, and location.